Structural Engineering Continuing Education

RG Spaulding P.E.

Cantilever Retaining walls

Learn what Retaining Walls(RW) are, Different types of RW, Codes that govern RW design, Soil mechanics that influence design, Solved Design examples using hand calculations and RW software. 3 PDH

RG Spaulding P.E.

Data Center Design

What is a Data Center? How is a Civil/Structural engineer involved in Data Center Design? Difference between IBC & Telcordia GR-63. What is the 400 lb rule? How to reduce tension in anchors? Dampers and Base-Isolators. Earn 5 PDH

RG Spaulding P.E.

Introduction to Seismic Loads

Get 1 PDH FREE and Learn about Seismic loads-What causes earthquakes?-Types of faults-Types of waves-How the building codes handle seismic loads?-How to find Base shear for buildings-Non Buildings-Non Structural Components?-Seismic Terminology